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Booster VHF 2m 85 Watt

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PT. GIANT COMMUNICATION Pusat segala perlengkapan pemancar TV, FM, dan AM TerLENGKAP dan TerPERCAYA kunjungi website : MARKASPEMANCAR CALL : Bpk. Permadi 0818 0800 5248 Barang Baru Ready Stock Booster VHF 2m 85 Watt 85R is a high power linear amplifier designed for the 144Mhz Band operation. It boasts of maximum output power of 85W. with a combination of built-in LOW NOISE GaAs fet receive Pre-Amp. 85R enables you to enjoy a more comfortable VHF DX QSO both on mobile and at home station. • POWER LEVEL LED You can observe the output power and check the power level at all times. An accurate output power can be read with a built-inprecision directional coupler of micro strip line. • SPURIOUS A low Spurious signal emission ( 60dB Min.Down) with an effective output low pass filter. • SPECIFICATION o FREQUENCY : 144MHz Band o DC Power : DC 12V-16V o Output Power : 80Watt ( 90W Max) o I/ O impedance : 50 Ohms o Pre-Amp Gain/ NF : 12 dB UP/ NF 1.5dB o Mode : FM o Power Consumption : 17A ( Max) o RF Input Power : 3W ( 1-5W Max) o I/ O Connector : M Type